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October 2012 :: The Human Body is the Best Work of Art

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the sequel :: DAY 1: FACIAL FOR YOUR SCALP TREATMENT Time : 1-1/2 hours Cost : $105 Place : Pico Madama Let's take it from the top. Before the team at Pico Madama even gets their hands on your hair, they do a BeautyScope Hair Health Assessment. Using a digital microscope that magnifies your scalp more than 200 times, you get to see everything, and I mean everything. I saw one of my follicles gush up a splash of oil. My scalp wasn't too bad, I had some oil-clogged follicles but otherwise there were no major discoveries of bacteria, ingrown hairs, or dandruff. To remedy my clogged follicles, which can cause all of those expensive hair products not to work like they should, Beli Andaluz, Director of Hair Health, preceded with my scalp facial, of which her salon is the only one in the city to offer. She whipped up a concoction of exfoliating botanical treatments and, using a rubber brush, vigorously scrubbed my scalp, nourishing it with a tingly mix of vitamins and antioxidants. This was followed by a clarifying shampoo, another shampooing for oily hair, olive oil conditioner, and, finally, a toner treatment to prevent bacteria. Afterward, we returned to the BeautyScope and my follicles looked dramatically different – you could clearly see the follicles sprouting out of each opening and in some cases several growing from one follicle. DAY 2: THREAD BARE Time : Cost : $12 Place : 10 minutes Sumita Beauty There's nothing like treating yourself to a spontaneous beauty procedure to boost your confidence, especially when it only takes minutes. Sumita Beauty at Fashion Show, the originator of threading, practices the traditional art form of non-invasive hair removal using cotton thread, which allows the brow to be precisely defined and customized. I popped in, laid down, watched as the technician deftly wound the thread around her fingers and went to work. My eyebrows were shaped and cleaned up in minutes with just a bit of pain but nothing like the sting of waxing. Sumita Beauty offers a happy hour price on threading on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2 to 5 p.m. of $9. 42 LUXURY LAS VEGAS | OCTOBER 2012 DAY 3: BECOMING A "BOYCHUCK BLONDE" Time : 1-1/2 hours Cost : $125 Place : Color, A Salon by Michael Boychuck, Caesars Palace Michael Boychuck is renowned for his talents in transforming regular gals into goddesses with golden tresses – he certainly made me a convert. An artisan in the beauty industry for the last 30 years, Boychuck started when he was just 17 after seeing the movie "Shampoo" with Warren Beatty. He decided doing hair would be a great way to meet girls and, it just so happened, he also loved it. Boychuck made a name for himself in L.A. coloring such notable blondes as Pia Zadora, Josie Bissett, Donna D'Errico and, most famously, Paris Hilton. His celebrity friends have even coined his style as "Boychuck Blonde." His secret to giving great color is taking skin tone into consideration, and he does not use ammonia or bleach in any of his color applications. Finally, for those in the Summerlin crowd, you will be pleased to know Mr. Boychuck now takes appointments at LifeSpa + Salon at Life Time Fitness on Tuesdays. DAY 4: UPLIFTING TREATMENT BY ABOUT FACE ADVANCED AESTHETICS Time : Cost : Place : 80 minutes $285 Tues. – Thurs.; $295 Fri. – Mon. Canyon Ranch Spa, The Palazzo/Venetian The literature for this treatment trumpeted "visible results" and I am here to tell you that is no fib. I received the Uplifting facial treatment, which is one of four choices (the others are Pure, Ultimate Microdermabrasion, and Detail) from the About Face Advanced Aesthetics line. The Uplifting treatment was designed for those of us who need a little lift as they say. It addresses anti-aging, wrinkles and fine lines, lifting, toning, firming and smoothing skin. And it does more than address it, you will leave the spa looking like you just won a million bucks. I couldn't believe that a mere cleansing with a Clarisonic brush, steam, and a customized treatment with the CACI facial toning and microdermabrasion system could plump my skin up to such refreshing results. But I am sure About Face Advanced Aesthetics' Medik8 products (which are being used for the first time in the U.S. at Canyon Ranch Spas and are made from green cosmeceuticals that combine botanicals with advanced cosmeceuticals) had a lot to do with my rejuvenated skin. spaclub/las_vegas_nv/ DAY 5: A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR THE GUYS Time : Cost : 30 minutes or less $550 for 50 units Place : The Weiland Group Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa When I originally did this story in 2007, Botox was the new, hot wrinkle defying procedure and, of course, I tried it along with every other woman in America. But now it appears the guys are getting in on the action. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2011 Botox was the top minimally invasive procedure for men resulting in it being nicknamed "Brotox." "Cosmetic surgery now crosses gender lines," stated Dr. Weiland, a local plastic surgeon. "An increasing number of men are embracing their surgical options and deciding to undergo procedures to improve their looks and confidence. Our Hot Daddy Tune-Up is a great way to re-sculpt the body, while Botulinum Toxin Type A injections are a smart choice for correcting signs of facial aging by banishing forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or a furrowed brow." On Filler Fridays The Weiland Group charges $440 for 50 units of Botox, otherwise it is priced at $550. DAY 6: CRYBABY MASCARA Time : 20 minutes Cost : $85 Place : Four Seasons Las Vegas CryBaby is 100 percent waterproof mascara that lasts up to two weeks. Adding volume, length, color and curl, this product is for women who want the look of mascara without the hassle of applying and removing it. The procedure is quick and easy, beginning with your bottom lashes being taped down and then your top lashes coated in a polymer- and-fiber rich paste that "plasticizes" and becomes a smudge proof solid. Your eyes do tear up during application but it's just for a few minutes. During the application, Four

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