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30 | june 2017 BY BUFORD DAVIS | PHOTOS COURTESY OF CRUCIAL DETAIL Design studio creates innovative wares to accompany the world's finest food THOUGHT FOR FOOD F ifty years ago, film auteur Stanley Kubrick faced an unusual challenge in preparation for the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The director's emphasis on detail prompted him to take a significant hands-on role in costuming and set design. For dining scenes aboard the Jupiter-bound Discovery One spacecraft, imaginative culinary design was required that suggested a maker who had went beyond the context of contemporary aesthetics. Instead of attempting to fabricate a futuristic stand-in, Kubrick's solution was to select cutlery already in existence. He chose a hyperminimalist set created more than a decade earlier, in 1957, by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. Truly strong design, regardless of the application, tends to resist the anchors of time and place, as well as the cultural influences that come with those markers; designs that offer the illusion that they always have been around yet defy antiquation. The abilit y to create such pieces is rare, and Mar tin Kastner is one designer whose body of work is proving he possesses it.

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