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61 may 2016 | Paste Bangkok ( puts a creative spin on Thai food, serving farm- to-table fare, like watermelon and ground salmon with crispy shallots, roasted galangal and salmon caviar; and crispy, flash-fried soft shell crab served with green apple and mango with chili-lime dressing and red nahm-jim foam. Run by husband-and-wife team Jason Bailey and Bongkoch "Bee" Satongun, Paste prides itself in taking classic Thai recipes and elevating them with a modern twist. family-friendly | THE SINGAPORE SCENE World-famous for its street fare, Singapore is a natural spot to take kids. There's plenty to see on this island off of southern Malaysia. Plus, it's remarkably clean, and the young ones won't have to suffer through hours- long-sit-down meals to enjoy some of the best food in town. The cuisine melds the flavors of China, India and Malaysia, and while many of the dishes are adventurous, it's not hard to keep it relatively tame for younger palates. Just order the national dish: Hainanese chicken rice, which is bite-size pieces of chicken served with rice and an addictive ginger- and-chili paste. Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore's Chinatown is one of the most popular hawker spots—a kind of mall filled with food stalls—and you'll find the chicken rice at the popular Tian Tian, along with plenty of other specialties, such as rice congee, a comforting porridge; chili crab carrot cake, which is really more of a savory radish cake; wonton, which is similar to dumplings; and more available at Zhen Zhen Porridge. Amoy Street Food Centre, located in the business district, is known for its char kway teow, or stir-fried noodles. For a warm, fuzzy afternoon, take the family to Cat Café Neko No Niwa (, where you can sip fruit smoothies while petting 13 kitties. The cats were all stray or abandoned before being taken in by the owner and given a second chance at this charming café. And don't forget to buy tickets to the iconic 165-meter-high Singapore Flyer (, the world's largest Ferris wheel outside of the U.S., where the family will get stunning views of Singapore and beyond. For a more formal meal, head to Seafood Paradise (, which is known for its chili crab and other Singapore classics. F E A T U R E | E A T P R A Y L O V E THE ART OF THE EXHALE retreats bring deep relaxation and inner peace BY K ATIE MORELL It was just a few years ago when Alexandra Slous and Tina Tuohy were looking to make a change. Both were residing in big cities—Slous in New York City and Tuohy in St. Paul, Minn.—living fast corporate lives with high-powered jobs that came with endless meetings and limited vacation time. "Things got to a point where I could see it was time for a change," said Tuohy. "I owned fancy furniture and a condo, but there was still something missing. It was time to take a break." She looked up retreats in Hawaii and found Kalani Retreat Center, a 120-acre facility on the island of Hawaii, about 40 minutes from Hilo. That was three years ago, and today Tuohy lives on the island, and works as the manager of retreats and programs at Kalani. Nahm restaurant, Bangkok Photo credit: Metropolitan by COMO, Bangkok Photo credit: Cat Café Neko No Niwa

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