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October 2012 :: The Human Body is the Best Work of Art

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TESTDRIVE WITH JOHN ASAY 2012 FERRARI FF I t's a muggy and humid Saturday morning and I'm headed to the Penske-Wynn Ferrari Maserati showroom at Wynn Las Vegas for an opportunity that doesn't come around too often. It would seem as though they have a new flagship Ferrari on property with lots of stuff to ponder: a unique body style and plenty of gadgets. It's replacing the 612 Scaglietti and is supposed to be more luxurious and faster. We'll see. "This is the new Ferrari FF, FF meaning four-wheel drive with four seats, the top-of-the-line Ferrari," explains my point person at Penske-Wynn Ferrari, Jeff Adelman. "It's the first time Ferrari has offered four-wheel drive on any model (more on this later). It's also the first time four adult-sized seats are included in an automobile produced by Ferrari." Adult-sized seats -- meaning not those unusable seats found in many GT configurations. "It's also the fastest luxury car in the world but can also be an every day driver as well," Adelman explains. It does not look like a typical Ferrari. I'm accustomed to a sleeker body style, a more formula car look. This looks more like a station wagon. The European term for this body style is called Shooting Break, Adelman adds. Go figure the 74 LUXURY LAS VEGAS | OCTOBER 2012 Europeans; American carmakers call it a hatchback model. Even Ferrari acknowledges the design is unique. "The FF's lines not only respect the Prancing Horse tradition, they are so innovative that they hail a complete break with the past." I believe the FF stands for Family Ferrari. For those of you that haven't had the experience of driving a Ferrari, let me tell you it's like no other. It starts from the time you touch the ignition, with an exhaust sound most different and unique. Not a powerful rumble, but more like an angry gargoyle growl wanting to be unleashed. The interior features tan leather throughout contrasted with black that lends an air of luxury. The steering wheel houses all the usual controls, including the window wipers, cruise unit and turn signals. All the usual amenities are included, cup holders and all. Unlike many exotic automobiles, the FF has room for two sets of golf clubs, indicating a huge upgrade in refinement. Performance wise, it is Ferrari as usual. The FF's V-12 is the largest most powerful engine Ferrari has put in any of its cars. The V-12 produces 651 horsepower and delivers 504 lb-ft of torque. This delivers low three- second time runs to 60 miles per hour.

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