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October 2012 :: The Human Body is the Best Work of Art

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BY GRACE BASCOS Unleashing Your Inner Bond T here's no shortage of steak houses in Las Vegas, but it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of cuts of meat and cold martinis. Off Strip restaurants such as Del Frisco's are a hit with discerning eaters and drinkers who are searching not only for the most bang for their buck, but also for an experience that includes hidden elements they won't find anywhere else on Las Vegas Boulevard. The coolest feature at Del Frisco's is the unassuming, high wooden table that sits quietly near the door, but appeals to your inner spy. However, if you're lucky -- or suave enough -- to have a staff member open it up for you, the top of the table begins to rise, revealing 18 cabernet sauvignon bottles that have been etched with images from the first 18 films of the James Bond series, beginning with the quintessential "Dr. No." As the tabletop slowly rises, the 007 theme plays -- a series of notes that always makes Vices2 In true Bond form, the proper drink to have at Del Frisco's thirsty. should be a martini -- shaken or stirred, that's up to you. Purists and aficionados are pleased to drink their dinners as the Professional Martini, a classic ice cold vodka variety made with Belvedere, and served up with blue cheese-stuffed or pimento-stuffed olives. No matter the guest, everyone at Del Frisco's can get the VIP treatment or vodka infused pineapple. On the bar and around the dining room are large, thick glass jars filled with stacks of thick cut pineapple slices marinating in Svedka vodka. Fresh Dole pineapple is only used in this infusion if it's perfectly ripe, and then sits in the vodka bath for 10 to 12 days. The once astringent spirit mellows out as it absorbs the flavor and sugars from the fruit, and that's it for this drink: vodka and pineapple. When it is finally poured over ice, shaken and dispensed into a chilled martini glass, all you get is fragrant, sweet pineapple liqueur with zero bite that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. The increasing popularity of the pomegranate cocktail leads to believe everyone wants the fruit's alleged high antioxidant Vices2 count, but is fed up with the painstaking process of eating real pomegranates. No longer do we have to peel the crimson fruit, pluck off its juicy, staining seeds, suck the pulp off and then spit the hard stone back out. Now we can reap the fruits of its nutritional value and get a buzz on at the same time. Del Frisco's Pomegranate Martini features 360 vodka, Pama pomegranate liqueur and a splash of tart cranberry, garnished with a fresh blackberry. The most recent addition to Del Frisco's cocktail list, the Margatini, is the best of both margarita and martini worlds. The nearly classic margarita is made with Avion silver tequila, Cointreau, house made sweet and sour, agave nectar, and fresh squeezed lime juice shaken before poured straight up into a martini glass that has been rimmed with fine sea salt. The salt smoothes out the edge that sometimes come with tequila. More often than not, guests at Del Frisco's are regulars who have returned because the restaurant makes it a point to remember your name and what you drink the more often you visit their establishment. You don't have to be an international man of mystery to drink like one. q OCTOBER 2012 | LUXURY LAS VEGAS 73

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