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October 2012 :: The Human Body is the Best Work of Art

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up close and personal :: A promotional shot of Etheridge for her twelfth and most current album, "Fourth Street Feeling."" teenagers. You draw on past experience, but after that you're on your own. You just hope you're not scarring them for life. MR: What makes you angry? ME: Injustice gets to my core. My journey in life has been one of trying to understand what anger is. Whenever it wells up inside of me it's usually from a perceived injustice. Once I realize that it comes from fear, I ask myself what I'm afraid of. Recognizing that I'm afraid someone is going to hurt me because they don't understand or I'm going to lose something allows me to move through it. MR: What would people be surprised to learn about you? ME: (Laugh) There's so much about me out there, I don't know if anything would surprise them. I suppose seeing the rock star side of me, which takes two hours of hair and makeup to get together, they might be surprised at how normal I am and that I cook as much as I do for my kids. Before I got cancer I was trying to be thin, eating power bars and drinking lattes. After I learned to cook the way I do, out of a desire to live a healthy life, I knew I had to take things in my own hands and make sure the food was fresh. My oldest daughter is a vegetarian; my oldest son is a meat, potatoes and bread eater; I'm a pescetarian; and the twins, who are almost six years old, only eat five 20 LUXURY LAS VEGAS | OCTOBER 2012 foods. So I've learned to become a very skillful chef who can cook up five different things in one sitting. MR: What is your most treasured material possession? ME: I try not to treasure my material possessions. I guess I'd say my children's artwork. That's probably the first stuff I'd grab. Beyond that it would be my childhood piano that's in my office or the Fender Telecaster Thinline electric guitar that I played on the Grammys in 2005. MR: If you could relive one moment in your musical career what would it be? ME: Singing "Thunder Road" on stage with Bruce Springsteen in 1994 on "MTV Unplugged." They asked if I wanted to duet with anyone and I'd always wanted to sing with Bruce. I started playing guitar when I was eight years old and I remember coming home after school and plugging in my eight-track and I would dream. If anyone could make you dream it was Bruce Springsteen. I wanted to do what he did. I wanted to write and sing and scream. He was very influential. Anyway I asked him and he said yes. It was a dream come true. I thought if only I could stop time right now. MR: What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness? ME: My greatest strength is that I tell the truth. For the past 25 years my motto has been: 'speak true' and I've made my choices according to that. It's important for me to be impeccable with my word because that's all you have. My greatest weakness is that I'm very truthful and that can sometimes lead you into places where you have to deal with the truth that you and others don't always want to hear. MR: What five people would you invite to a dinner party? ME: Let's start with Plato. I'd ask if his book on Atlantis was a fairytale he made up or if it was history he heard from those who heard from those who had been there and knew. Joan of Arc so I could ask her if she was a channel for the voices she heard and what they said to her. I'd love to have John F. Kennedy there because I'd like to find out what he knew that got him killed. I'd love to talk with Stephen Hawking about where sense and spirit meet, and Oprah because I think she has incorporated spirit into the media and into her work better than anyone I know. MR: Who would you trade places with for 24 hours? ME: I'd like to be Barack Obama for 24 hours so I could find out how much decision making power the president really has. Are you just a public face or are you truly in there making the decisions? When you join the environmental movement or the health

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