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83 april 2015 | luxury las vegas by grace bascos Next Level Cocktail Creation S ometimes Vices 2 branches out from our usual haunts of cocktail lounges and lobby bars to hang out where we can pick up things to make drinks by our own. The liquor store would be a natural habitat, but since Vom Fass opened at Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian, it's caused us to rethink our drinking game. When we visited the intimate store, we could only taste our way through the many vinegars, oils and liqueurs, as well as custom, estate- grown spirits such as cognac, grappa and scotch. Vom Fass is "from the cask" in German, and you'll see several of them throughout the right retail space. A whole wall is dedicated to infused vinegars. Across from it is the wall of gorgeous oil — extra virgin olive, nut oils, chili oils. If the two walls crashed into each other, you'd have an amazing salad dressing. But we directed our attention to unique products that piqued our interest — and made us thirsty to boot. Absinthes, custom liqueurs and single barrel scotch are available at Vom Fass, but I was most curious about the vinegars. With the rising popularity of shrubs, or drinking vinegars, it makes sense that more of them pop up not only behind the bar but are available for cocktail aficionados to dabble with at home. Vinegars add brightness, acidity and depth to whatever they touch; it's no surprise it's become a favorite of mixologists. If you love Italian food, you're probably familiar with classic aceto balsamics—the ones at Vom Fass are derived from a 900-year-old secret recipes and traditions. What we're after for drinking purposes are fruit vinegars, which are essentially brewed like their balsamic cousins but with fruit sugars to infuse specific flavors while mellowing out acidity. The popular calamansi balsam is derived from a small Filipino citrus fruit and happens to be a favorite of Vom Fass U.S. owner Kim Weiss, who is proud to say her three stores sell more of this variety than others. "I think it's totally wonderful from the standpoint that I could put it in water," she admits of the bright, tart and slightly sweet vinegar. "I could put it in water, gin, rum. I frosted a cake with it, literally." Weiss even uses the calamansi to create her version of a cosmopolitan: shaken with the Vom Fass brand of cran-cello liqueur. The Strip cocktail, whose recipe is available in-store, puts together Yahara Bay vodka, a bit of Vom Fass fine orange liqueur, a dash of the calamansi vinegar and topped with sparkling wine or prosecco. For an all-Vom Fass experience call Spanish Dreams, combine equal parts of three of their own liqueurs -- Fernandez Brandy de Jerez, Vanilla Dream and Latte Macchiato -- over ice for a sweet, soothing dessert-like beverage. Another custom cocktail, the Vortex, involves a dozen muddled green seedless grapes, crushed ice, Waldburg Balsam strawberry vinegar and Yahara Bay vodka. If you were adventurous enough, you could create dozens of brand new cocktails solely from the products you'd find within the walls of Vom Fass. Even when you first taste your way through this grown-up candy store, you'll be dreaming up more flavor profiles than you ever imagined. Time to start being creative behind your own bar. q tastefully vegas

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